Lava Mine (2019)

Escape the rising lava. Control with [Arrow Keys]. This is my attempt on JS1K 2019.

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SC RPG (2015, 2018)

StarCraft Pro Gamer Simulator

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Small Creek (2014)

A simple fishing Game

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Space Larpa

A basic space shooter. Control with keyboard.

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AI Tetris

1v1 Tetris with Human or AI. Items included.

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Turing Tower Defense (2008)

A Turing implementation of Desktop Tower Defense. Back when I still knew how to write code.

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Liero Mod (2011?)

Based on the open source version of Liero. With option to increase blood up to 500%, enable infinite fan, and more.

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Maze Tower (2012?)

Can't find my source code, but here is a video.

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Sharing and Licensing

Feel free to share my games, and link to this site. Selling, profitting from my games is NOT allowed.

History of this Website

Created in 2011 to host my projects. This website was initially a simple plain HTML website. Gradually, I added more and more fancy technologies by following the trends - this includes AngularJS, cool CSS library, SASS, a python backend for commenting, and even a markdown editor. In 2018, I killed it all and return it back to a static website, as all clean websites should look.

About myself

Still bad at making games after all these years.

To reach me, ping me on Reddit. /u/fishtastic

What is Larpa?

Larpa is a weapon that leaves falling bullet rain on its trail. Larpa originated from Liero, a DOS game created in 1998. Larpa is the most useful and imblanced weapon in the entire game. A player with larpa always wins againt a player without larpa, no exceptions.

This site is named after larpa for its awesomeness.

[IMG]How to pwn anyone with larpa

Figure 1. Killing a worm with larpa doesn't take any aiming skills.

Bouncy larpa and chiquita bomb are pretty good too.